For local consumers, Zuurbier & Co supplies each day fresh roses, 24 hours a day available in our bouquetmachine located at Jan Glijnisweg 12 in Heerhugowaard.

There is a wide spectrum of colours and sizes available between 40cm and 70 cm. Payment is possible with cash.

To enjoy your roses as long as possible, here is some advice for durability.

- Cut the roses always diagonally with a sharp knife before placing them in the vase. Cut about 2-3 cm off the stem. - Make sure there are no leaves in the water, causing dirty water and therefore a shorter vase life. - Always use a clean vase, clean a vase with a little chlorine. - Always use the flower food, preferably Chrysal Clear. - Never place the roses in direct sunlight or near heating elements and avoid drafts. - After you purchase the roses, you can store the bunch in a bucket of water for 24 hours in a cool place before using them in the vase.


Zuurbier & Co
Jan Glijnisweg 12
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